Hero Honda Pleasure gives no pleasure in the ad.

This days I have no access to TV, so was trying to recollect all old ads (most of which may not be aired these days). Ok, this ad is about the Hero Honda Pleasure. Their punchline "Why should boys have all the fun?" makes everyone aware that the bike is mostly for girls.

The ad mainly contains 4 instances where girls are having fun (by doing acts usually done by boys). 

Ok the most annoying thing for me, occurs in the final segment. A cool guy drives a sparkling Porsche(couldn't find out the model) and waits for the girl to board it. But the girl refuses. Reason: She want's to travel in the bike. This act makes no sense to me. No one would refuse a drive in a Porsche for a scooty. People don't get to travel in a Porsche everyday.