Vodafone Ad review.

Almost all of you must've watched this ad. Its simply superb. Hats off to its creative director.

One thing I notice about Vodafone Ads (previously Hutch Ads) is that they try to use less of the celebrities in their ads. AFAIK, the only celebrities I've seen in its ads are Rahul Dravid, Irfan Khan and Prakash Rai. Everyone in their ads look like comman man. They dont use the stardom of celebrities which is what is required of an ad.

It might be that those who act in their ads become celebrities. Yes! I'm talkin about the dog(The pug).Its no surprise that the demand for that breed got increased after the hutch ads.

Coming to the ad, its just to advertise about the customer care they provide. The caption "Happy to help" says it all. (Though their call centre has delayed my complaint say for 2 months, I forgive them for this ad)

The instances for help is depicted through the dog, who is helping the girl to get ready for school. getting her socks, helping her water the plants, help her fish, running to her school to deliver the tie. IT does all sorts of things and the way they've shown is simple.

Its not that I'm praising it coz I'm a vodafone customer, any person would like that ad (until n unless they're bugged up viewing it every 5 minutes between overs of a cricket match, thanks IPL, there was a petition to stop playing that ad to setmax channel)

We get a different view Looking at a different angle. My cousin Chaitanya pointed it out for me. He pities the girl for not having her parents help her get ready for the school. May be VF guys wanted to show even the lack of parenting in this ad????

In midst of stupid ads from telco operators like airtel, reliance, tata indicom (Here is a list)

1. Airtel ad, a kid calls up his dad, asking him to teach drawing. The dad forgets everything about the meeting n calls him to the nearest window and asks him to connect the stars?? whats airtel gotta do with it? This is just one stupid ad from airtel. I can give you many from the Khan's ads.

2. Reliance, advertising totally opposite ( I hear many of my friends saying that they're not able to get network sometimes even in the city ), n they come up with an ad saying that they have network everywhere. Even Tata Indicom has the same ( catching network in lift ).

They have the Khans, Kajols, All cricketers, who else?

I feel this ad simply beats all of them. Kindly submit your comments. =)