New Boost Ad seems to have some attitude problems.

Was watching TV yesterday to see this ad accidentally. Couldnt believe to have Sachin and Dhoni in the same ad.

Ad goes this way. There is this kid playing cricket with his pals. Its drinks time and Sachin calls the kid for boost. Kid replies that he'll come and his friends are baffled. This is again continues with Dhoni calling the same kid from the same flat, same window again. Friends are dumbfound while the kid smiles and goes upstairs. They'll have the drink and Sachin says 'Lets go', Dhoni again, calls the boy seperately.

Last time I saw a boost ad by cricketers, it was Sachin and Sehwag, Sehwag saying 'Boost is the secret of MY energy', corrected by Sachin saying "OUR energy"

This has its origin in the Kapil and Sachin pair say a decade or two ago. Kapil taking Sachin's role and Sachin taking Sehwag.

Now, Sehwag has been replaced by Dhoni (May be due to Sehwag's bad form or Dhoni's luck??!!!) Either Sachin or Dhoni has gotsome attitude problem between them as both are not seen together in the whole ad while they appear seperately. I suspect itsstrongly from Dhoni's side [Just suspecting. Fans of Dhoni, please calm down].

Though Dhoni has earned more from cricket when compared to Sachin, he should have atleast respected Sachin for his experience, atleast in the ad. Afterall, Sachin appeared much before in Boost ad. Never have I seen him together with any of the senior players in any of the ads.

May be its the other way also, but I cant find any such things right now. If you could, please comment. Its not that I'm a Sachin Fan. I can't find one right now.

I dont know the creative director of this ad but it fails to bring up the team spirit of Cricket India. [Though senior players are becoming more dummy these days]. I cant find the video in youtube right now.

Do you feel the same?

Get Well Soon Mridula

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