Dominos says we're cool with it

W.r.t the previous post where I felt Motorola Ad looks like a copy of Domino's Ad, I had an email interaction with a senior  Domino's executive, who felt that though both ads are based on same element, the message is different, hence there is no reason to think of an IP violation.

Srinidhi - I saw the motorola ad. friankly i dont think its a copy of the Domino's ad. I think the instrument of using the kid from iside is the same. But in case of Motorola the message is more of "brings out the other side of your personality due to its features" while in domino's the message is "its so tasty that it makes you behave like kids do, or brings out the kid in you". So while the executions have a common element, what they are trying to communicate are different things really.
Dev Amritesh
Sr VP - Marketing
Domino's Pizza India Ltd.

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UFO Blogger said...

Hi i need your help ,i got to know that their is some Tv ad going on on Indian media from VSNL/BSNL in which a guy get abducted by an UFO so please let me know where i could find that video. I know you good in sourcing ad as i could see in your blog.

This ad is a part of conspiracy so help me to find it please

With regards
Ufo Blogger

sunaath said...

Domino Ad is funny. Motorala is a bore.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Hello UFO blogger,

Yes, I am aware of BSNL's UFO ad you're talking about. But I am not good at sourcing the videos-If it is available in public domain like youtube we insert it here in the reviews else review without the ad.

So you can just try searching it in youtube with relevant keywords like BSNL UFO ad, BSNL news alert commercial etc. Its the news alert ad from BSNL...If you can't neither will I be...

Sorry for not being to help.

btb we'll be glad if you can tell us more about the conspiracy you're mentioning about.

@ Sunaath...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?