Another HDFC Ad- Tulika Sharma

A few days back I had talked about (rather linked to) the Old HDFC ad Na Sir Jukha Hai Kabhi ... and I rather liked the parody more than the ad.

This is their new one and I must say I like it much better maybe because it goes well with the Indian sense of family that the kids will take care of their parents in whatever way possible (remember your parents paid your college fee without ever even you taking a notice or they making an issue out of it. If you went to a government college it could have been low but they in all probability paid for the private education too, they loaned you money for studying abroad?)

And it is a huge bonus that the father is taking money from her daughter in the Ad, looks like a single child family too (yes I know of families where the only child is a daughter and single child by choice)!

I mean all the right messages (apart from big car polluting more?) within the subject matter of the Ad (i.e. not taking too big a cause than the product/company). My only peeve is the portrayal of the mother, the images are of a modern father, hip/cute/responsible daughter but such a traditional mother, coming into the picture only at the last moment! I mean so many women from my mother's generation have also worked. But then this is a minor peeve.

Oh! And at the end of the ad my nephew (who knows I like this Ad) always tells me, car badi nahin kaharb ho gaye hai! (the car has not become big, it is out of order).


Shrinidhi Hande said...

I like this Ad as it shows how children can step in with a small help to make a big difference...

But practically, how is this possible? If someone starts earning by the age of say 21 and start investing a small amount every month in HDFC, will the returns be in lakhs (to support that extra large house or bigger car) within few years?-say another 4 years? Insurance investments do take a decent time to give good returns...