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W.r.t the previous post where I felt Motorola Ad looks like a copy of Domino's Ad, I had an email interaction with a senior  Domino's executive, who felt that though both ads are based on same element, the message is different, hence there is no reason to think of an IP violation.

Srinidhi - I saw the motorola ad. friankly i dont think its a copy of the Domino's ad. I think the instrument of using the kid from iside is the same. But in case of Motorola the message is more of "brings out the other side of your personality due to its features" while in domino's the message is "its so tasty that it makes you behave like kids do, or brings out the kid in you". So while the executions have a common element, what they are trying to communicate are different things really.
Dev Amritesh
Sr VP - Marketing
Domino's Pizza India Ltd.

This update is for the benefit of readers.

Did Motorola copy Domino's ad concept?

During December 2007, Domino’s Pizza released “Andar ka bachcha baahar aa jaaye ad” featuring Arshad Warsi. The idea was something like this- seeing the pizza a senior executive (Arshad Warsi) forgets his official status and joyfully starts enjoying the pizza, much to the surprise of his subordinates.

Sometime in May 2008, Motorola launched a similar ad, wherein Abhishek Bachchan is tempted to dance to the tune of a popular tamil number, “Appadi Podu..” AB fails to control himself onstage and goes to restroom where his inner self comes out and dances to its heart’s contempt.

Both ads appear well crafted and are fun to watch.

Conceptually, both ads look similar to me. In fact, it looks as if Motorola copied the idea from Domino’s.

What is your take?

I think ideas can't be patented. Don’t we have a law where the creative ideas can be protected from duplication? Just wondering...

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Another HDFC Ad- Tulika Sharma

A few days back I had talked about (rather linked to) the Old HDFC ad Na Sir Jukha Hai Kabhi ... and I rather liked the parody more than the ad.

This is their new one and I must say I like it much better maybe because it goes well with the Indian sense of family that the kids will take care of their parents in whatever way possible (remember your parents paid your college fee without ever even you taking a notice or they making an issue out of it. If you went to a government college it could have been low but they in all probability paid for the private education too, they loaned you money for studying abroad?)

And it is a huge bonus that the father is taking money from her daughter in the Ad, looks like a single child family too (yes I know of families where the only child is a daughter and single child by choice)!

I mean all the right messages (apart from big car polluting more?) within the subject matter of the Ad (i.e. not taking too big a cause than the product/company). My only peeve is the portrayal of the mother, the images are of a modern father, hip/cute/responsible daughter but such a traditional mother, coming into the picture only at the last moment! I mean so many women from my mother's generation have also worked. But then this is a minor peeve.

Oh! And at the end of the ad my nephew (who knows I like this Ad) always tells me, car badi nahin kaharb ho gaye hai! (the car has not become big, it is out of order).

Samsung next is what? commercial

Samsung India has hired Aamir Khan as brand ambassador for its mobile phones and running a series of ads titled “Next is what?”

My review is on the usage of this phrase “next is what?”

Any advertiser aims to create an atmosphere of “now or never” that is, no one likes to tell you-“don’t buy our product now, wait for few months-you can get better product at lesser price” Everyone wants you to go to the shop right away and buy, because according to the ads “this is the best it can get”

But the truth is, no one is planning to shut shop from tomorrow... Discounts and offers continue to be available if you can post pone your purchase decision. More so in case of depreciating assets like electronic goods and vehicles. A nokia phone priced at 25 k today will be costing some 17-18k six months down the line. If you can postpone your purchase by certain time, a significant amount can be saved, vis a vis the current price, despite the discounts that may be on offer.
Samsung Logo
Coming back to the topic, I interpret the “next is what” punch line like this - “Don’t buy Samsung mobile right now, hang on for some more time, we’ve something better coming up next”

Well, I like their honesty but from a business perspective, isn’t this punch line detrimental to the sales growth? Shouldn’t they be tempting consumers to buy now, that suggesting “guess what is next”?

Your thoughts please...

In case you have time, more interesting details behind this commercial are available here. Image from GSM world

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Rs 10 OFF-Lifetime Offer on Samsung TV!!! (an old print ad)

This post only shares a small observation made by the author. No offence is meant and no conclusions should be drawn about the product by reading this.

While reading newspaper on the Independence Day, I came across this ad (refer image) about Samsung Television in Times of India Hyderabad edition dated 15-Aug-2007, Page 5

I saw the field: "SPL price" which read: Rs.58990/- and then glanced above to see what the previous price was: MRP: Rs.59000/- What is the difference? Just 10 bucks. Was shocked to see the unbelievable amount of discount they were giving: INR 10 OFF on a product priced at Rs. 59000. (0.0169%) I truly couldn’t believe my eyes, as the ad claimed right in the beginning. For the sake of 60th Independence Day they could have given at least Rs 60 off, making it 0.1%

So don’t miss this lifetime opportunity…Go grad one, if you wish.

Note: That ad offers a free digicam which they claim is worth Rs 9990. But I evaluate 6 mega pixel, 3x optical zoom Samsung camera at around INR 5000, given that no accessories (Memory card, battery charger, pouch etc) are free.

Above said Rs 10 off is for 32 inch TV. For 40” TV it is Rs 5010 OFF. The ad is issued by NEXT, a chain of consumer electronics stores.

Updates: When I published this post in Mouthshut here, some readers have suggested that this is better than quoting an increased price and then showing reduced price...Others said this might be a printing mistake...

Originally posted at my main blog, cross posted here due to relevance.

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