Old HDFC Ad- Na Sar Jhuka Hai kabhi

OK, this time I am giving you a link to Gawker's take at the 'A Goose Egg' on the old HDFC ad, Na Sar Jhuka Hai Kabhi ... (loosely translated- I will live with dignity ..., can't find the video on Youtube, if you can please leave us the link)-
A little boy is playing on the platform, probably the old guy's grandson. He falls down. The old guy is about to run and pick him up. His son frowns at his father, saying no. The old guy is chastised. Little boy stands up on his own. He maintains his dignity.

Everyone walks to the parking lot. Old guy is about to cross the street. A car comes careening by. The son is about to pull the old guy back in order to save him from being run over. His mother frowns at him. The son, chastised, lets his father walk on. The car runs over the old guy. He maintains his dignity.

The old guy is hurt and bleeding. He tries to get up. His wife puts forth her hand to help him off the road. His son frowns at her. She pulls back, chastised. The old guy falls back onto the road. The old guy maintains his dignity.

The rest of the post is also hilarious. It is quite old but would surely give you a laugh.

The Airtel Kids Playing Football at the Border Ad

I know, many people like this ad and I had a lively discussion about it at Indiamike too. I view it a little differently. I mean what has Airtel contributed to the Middle East peace process to appropriate the message as its own? As far as I know zilch! Gives Airtel a very goody goody image without contributing anything to the real issue. I do not like it when corporations appropriate a message to just to look good.

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Naukri.com Ad- Always Makes Me Smile

Hari Sadu Naukri.com Ad

Remember Hari Sadu? When the ad was aired in 2006 there was even a legal notice sent to the company that it was causing distress to an eleven year old by the name of Hari Bhanot. But naukri.com stuck to the ad and for one I am glad. Even now whenever it comes on the TV I ask the ads to be unmuted.

I know, I know the boss is a total caricature, real life bosses are usually more sophosticated! But with me it touches a cord, everytime. I do not about you, but I have worked at two places (previous jobs, not the current one) that made realize that the management construct toxic work enviornment can be a reality and not just an abstract construct.

As ad gurus say successful ads usually either play on fear (insecurities) or humor and I like the naukri.com approach that resorts to humor, rather than fear. I mean if you have worked at real bad places, this ad manages to bring a smile, probably every time you watch it. At least that is what it does for me :D