BSNL TV Commercial. Its too outdated.

BSNL and Preity Zinta have tied up to bring about many ads on TV. Most of them were not up to the mark but this one was something I was really annoyed with. The main theme of the ad is a marriage proposal for Preity, which she refuses, as the boy's house didn't have a BSNL connection(that too a land line)!!!

Here is the video:

The ad has many things which cant be easily digested:
1. She refuses the boy on the basis that he doesn't have a land line (Most foolish). This is the age of wireless communication. You expect everyone to have a mobile rather than a land line. there are also other service providers like Airtel, Tata Indicom. What is so important in a land line that you reject a boy? I don't understand that. The ad would have been better if it was related to BSNL mobile connection or broadband.

2 . Preity's father(in the ad) asks the boy's parents: आपके घर का नम्बर दीजिये । These days your house number when asked in Hindi refers to your phone number, not your real house number.

A more sensible reply would be: 'No phone."

My final verdict: The ad is too outdated. No one refuses a proposal these days on the basis of land line connections, maybe mobile connections would add a little bit of sense as we cant expect pure logic in ads. Preity try to think before you act these ads.

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