Is this patriotism enough?

This ad was made to imbibe a feeling of patriotism in Indians.
The creates a wonderful picture of a busy Indian city in the evening. (People eating panipuri at roadside stalls, shoe polishing children etc.) A old man tunes the radio and the national anthem plays. The old man even though crippled stands to show his respect. Some children also follow his action. Finally you have Amitabh Bachchan preaching about patriotism.
This ad even won an award.

Everything said and done, the question that arises is "Why did Amitabh speak in English?" He should have used Hindi as it is our national language.
Secondly, is this ad enough to inject the feeling of patriotism?
Also I havent seen this ad many times on TV. How can the ad's messege be conveyed without publicising it? How many people would actually consider it?
If ads could really induce feelings then they should be made better. This ad is for Indians, so it has to be in Hindi. Frankly speaking most of them wouldn't even stand when watching this video. Even I didn't for the first time.

My final verdict: India is picturised very well in the ad but it is not enough for increasing your patriotism.

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Shrinidhi Hande said...

Good Start Manoj. Great pick. Keep writing.

I agree that it would have been very much effective if it was in our national language.

Srinivas said...

Manoj, I agree to poin that it was in English...Do remember the language Hindi is not spoken all over India.There are majority of Indian who can read/write/speak the language Hindi in India.

Manoj Bhat said...

@ Shrinivas
Agreed Hindi is not spoken everywhere. Amitabh says, "How can you respect the nation without respecting your national anthem?"

I say respect your national language as well.