What’s your favorite corporate theme video?

It is always interesting to watch Corporate theme videos. These are special videos produced with utmost care to represent the company as a whole in front of its stake holders (customers, investors, employees etc) . The difference between these videos and a typical regular commercial is that corporate videos do not focus on a specific product/service of the company and won’t have a direct sales pitch (like-there’s a great discount on this product, buy it now). Instead the video focuses on highlighting the values the company stands for, its heritage, uniqueness etc and aims to generate an overall positive impression among the viewers about the company.

Most of the commercials companies release while launching their IPO falls into this category. Other companies who have produced theme videos may not aggressively advertise it in public media but will use it in front of select audience (say clients).

My most favorite theme video is of Manipal University, followed by that of TCS (Experience Certainty)

Watch these videos below.
Manipal University



I also liked Reliance Power’s Powen ON, India ON theme video very much.
Reliance Power

Compared to a regular commercial, theme videos are challenging to create. To be able to convey a strong positive message about the company in an indirect way, using a visually appealing video and audio, without using any cheap tricks that could be used in an ordinary commercial (animations, false representations, excessive text, celebrity endorsements etc) is a bit tough. A TV commercial can be easily recalled or replaced, but a corporate theme video cannot be changed overnight, unless there’s a strong reason.

Are there any theme videos you like a lot? Does your company has a theme video (available in public domain)? Share it with us.