Tata Indicom Plug 2 Surf-Time to replace this ad

You’ve seen the Tata Indicom Plug2 Surf TV commercial-A model/actress hopeful girl gets a call from her agent who says “I’ve talked with Karan, send your photo immediately ”… This girl has a laptop but helpless as she has no internet connection. Kajol, sitting in next table, offers a USB Modem and asks the girl to send photo using it.

Nothing wrong in the ad as such (Though it doesn’t mention that Plug2Surf is not exactly plug n play- you need to install driver software through a CD and reboot the  system before you can start using it)

Coming to my actual point, I feel it is right time to replace this ad with something else. Ask me why…

When I see this ad time and again, I get the following feeling: “Something is wrong somewhere- since past few years she hasn’t got a break. Every time the agent calls and asks her to send photo, every time Kajol will be in next table to help her with USB Modem, every time she’s sending the photo, but she hasn’t got a break yet- May be the agent is not forwarding her photo to Karan, or there’s something seriously wrong with her laptop or internet connection-every time it shows a flash animation “Photo Sent” but I think the photo is never reaching the agent (else she should have changed the agent by now or find herself some other job, instead of relying on an agent who doesn’t even carry a photo of his clients to show it to directors”

Since years the girl hasn’t cared to buy a Tata Indicom connection of her own and is depending on Kajol to supply her with a USB model every time. I guess she hasn’t taken one because the free one Kajal gave couldn’t actually send a photo to her agent so she doesn’t really trust that device.

Just my thoughts.


Manoj Bhat said...

Are you stressing on the point of preparing a sequel to it(please clarify)?

These days drivers are also integrated with plug and play(nonsense)!!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Well, I feel it is time for them to replace this ad, that's all...

U mean now no need to install driver by inserting CD?

Manoj Bhat said...

No I meant all companies mention plug n play which include installing drivers. So I said its nonsense.

As for the replacements I have no comments.

Anonymous said...

That Ad was bad..

but you my friend redifined "bad" with this post...Kudos..

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@ Manoj,


@ PM


Unknown said...

Plug and play doesn't mean that you don't need any driver for the hardware. It just means the operating system can detect the device automatically. Driver is always dependent on the OS. New OS have more drivers built-in.