IPL Indian cricket league, Cricket ka Karmyudh??

There are unusual developments going on in the world of cricket including the formation of leagues. ICL and IPL being the prominent ones. Businessmen are making use of these leagues to mint money in the cricket fanatic nations primarily, India.

I'm not against cricket but somewhere I feel its gaining more prominence than it should.
People take things too personal. They perform yajnas before the match and if we lose one, things go in a wide spectrum, from literally weeping to burning effigies of cricketers for poor performances.

This post is criticizing the ad which is linked here.

People who are interested only in minting money on cricket have found a new way after booking. Invest your money in such leagues and get the most of it later. This ad is one of the foolish ad i've ever seen. They depict matches like war. They say its not a war between nations, its not for religion but its a war of duty. (Na Desiyudh, Nahi dharmayudh, yeh hai dharthi par karmayudh) What crap??

People respond to this in even more stupid way. This is supposed to promote the IPL cricket league but I find nothing in the ads regarding IPL.

Do you think that this is a good ad? Your valuable comments are awaited.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

I guess Raveesh will be the best person to answer this- he is a cricket fan and contributes to unofficial IPL blog... will ask him to respond...

I am almost ignorant on developments related to cricket

Manoj Bhat said...
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Manoj Bhat said...

Firstly I hate watching matches on SET Max. I think cricket is meant for ESPNSTAR with Harsha Bhogle, Alan Wilkins and Gautham Bhimani and others. They bring the real cricket experience for me.

SET MAX uses all these nonsense ads (adding a bit of bollywood into it). But their presentation is very bad.

As for the ad, the song and the video are in good coordination.
The song is just to bring the
punch which Indians fail for. You can have a look at the comments in Youtube for the video.

As for cricket I have no problem anyone making money from it. It sells man similarly like football in UK, basketball in US etc.

Believer said...

Firstly, the yajnas, etc, are only hopes of good luck. For example, hitting the posts before you start a hokcey game, plate for baseball, etc ...

Secondly, the weeping, rampaging, etc, is NOT all over India. Media captures it, but, it's not always countrywide. "Don't believe everything you see on TV." Those rioters are like the rioters we have in Montreal after we win/lose games. Take a look at your hometown before you judge others.

Thirdly, it's not war. It's a competition that is SO intense, it has the same velocity, learn the difference.

It promotes the IPL and pumps the players to have, ultimately, a good-game.

"Check your resources before you go out and criticize others, just remember that when you point at someone, there is a billion poiting back."

Signing out,
Double D

Believer said...

***pointing back.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Dear Believer,

Thanks for dropping by and commenting...

I understand that you do not agree with Author's views... Let us see what Sandesh has got to say about this...

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?