Guidelines for Writing posts at Ad Critics Blog

Selecting the ad for review:
  • You can select any ad in print, TV or internet media, but kindly adhere with following:
  • Avoid local ads which no one is aware of.
  • If possible include a video/image related to the ad.
Guidelines for Selecting Labels:
Labels are supposed to help readers sort among the posts and categorize them easily. So we need to categorize our posts into a set of broad categories making it easier for readers to sort.

I propose following labeling strategy: AuthorName, Industry to which the ad being reviewed falls under, your verdict on the ad

Author name: A nickname/ full name of each contributor
Industry: Select Sports, Telecom, Travel & leisure, FMCG, Banking & Finance, IT etc. Avoid specific terms like IPL, ICL because we may not be doing too may reviews of cricket ads and these labels may not repeat much and may become redundant
Verdict: One word to indicate your opinion about this ad: Misleading, Highly creative, beautiful, irrelevant, below average etc

Generic labels: Admin- For announcements
General-For posts which are generic and not specific to any particular commercial

Guidelines for linking:
Feel free to link to any relevant blog post/website related to the topic you’re covering. But all outgoing links to commercial websites should carry rel=”external nofollow” tag, so as not to give an impression to search engines that we’re writing paid reviews.

Use targe=”_blank” to open the link in new page (so that readers will be retained in current article and not abruptly sent away)

Add permalink of the post in the URL field below the title.

Other guidelines:
1 Give due credit to the source of your information
2 No copy paste please
3 Give considerations for both positive and negative aspects of the ad

Any other thoughts/tips? Feel free to share.