Where do you want to be?

Liked this print ad (found on Jetwings while flying to Delhi for Binsar trip during October 2008-[Binsar trip details]) for its effectiveness and ability to convey the message.

The text asks, where do you want to be? and shows few options in the crowd and one option of driver's seat of a racing car. Aim to be in the driver's seat and not somewhere amidst the crowd... Loud and clear.

Hero Honda Pleasure gives no pleasure in the ad.

This days I have no access to TV, so was trying to recollect all old ads (most of which may not be aired these days). Ok, this ad is about the Hero Honda Pleasure. Their punchline "Why should boys have all the fun?" makes everyone aware that the bike is mostly for girls.

The ad mainly contains 4 instances where girls are having fun (by doing acts usually done by boys). 

Ok the most annoying thing for me, occurs in the final segment. A cool guy drives a sparkling Porsche(couldn't find out the model) and waits for the girl to board it. But the girl refuses. Reason: She want's to travel in the bike. This act makes no sense to me. No one would refuse a drive in a Porsche for a scooty. People don't get to travel in a Porsche everyday.

Vodafone Ad review.

Almost all of you must've watched this ad. Its simply superb. Hats off to its creative director.

One thing I notice about Vodafone Ads (previously Hutch Ads) is that they try to use less of the celebrities in their ads. AFAIK, the only celebrities I've seen in its ads are Rahul Dravid, Irfan Khan and Prakash Rai. Everyone in their ads look like comman man. They dont use the stardom of celebrities which is what is required of an ad.

It might be that those who act in their ads become celebrities. Yes! I'm talkin about the dog(The pug).Its no surprise that the demand for that breed got increased after the hutch ads.

Coming to the ad, its just to advertise about the customer care they provide. The caption "Happy to help" says it all. (Though their call centre has delayed my complaint say for 2 months, I forgive them for this ad)

The instances for help is depicted through the dog, who is helping the girl to get ready for school. getting her socks, helping her water the plants, help her fish, running to her school to deliver the tie. IT does all sorts of things and the way they've shown is simple.

Its not that I'm praising it coz I'm a vodafone customer, any person would like that ad (until n unless they're bugged up viewing it every 5 minutes between overs of a cricket match, thanks IPL, there was a petition to stop playing that ad to setmax channel)

We get a different view Looking at a different angle. My cousin Chaitanya pointed it out for me. He pities the girl for not having her parents help her get ready for the school. May be VF guys wanted to show even the lack of parenting in this ad????

In midst of stupid ads from telco operators like airtel, reliance, tata indicom (Here is a list)

1. Airtel ad, a kid calls up his dad, asking him to teach drawing. The dad forgets everything about the meeting n calls him to the nearest window and asks him to connect the stars?? whats airtel gotta do with it? This is just one stupid ad from airtel. I can give you many from the Khan's ads.

2. Reliance, advertising totally opposite ( I hear many of my friends saying that they're not able to get network sometimes even in the city ), n they come up with an ad saying that they have network everywhere. Even Tata Indicom has the same ( catching network in lift ).

They have the Khans, Kajols, All cricketers, who else?

I feel this ad simply beats all of them. Kindly submit your comments. =)

New Boost Ad seems to have some attitude problems.

Was watching TV yesterday to see this ad accidentally. Couldnt believe to have Sachin and Dhoni in the same ad.

Ad goes this way. There is this kid playing cricket with his pals. Its drinks time and Sachin calls the kid for boost. Kid replies that he'll come and his friends are baffled. This is again continues with Dhoni calling the same kid from the same flat, same window again. Friends are dumbfound while the kid smiles and goes upstairs. They'll have the drink and Sachin says 'Lets go', Dhoni again, calls the boy seperately.

Last time I saw a boost ad by cricketers, it was Sachin and Sehwag, Sehwag saying 'Boost is the secret of MY energy', corrected by Sachin saying "OUR energy"

This has its origin in the Kapil and Sachin pair say a decade or two ago. Kapil taking Sachin's role and Sachin taking Sehwag.

Now, Sehwag has been replaced by Dhoni (May be due to Sehwag's bad form or Dhoni's luck??!!!) Either Sachin or Dhoni has gotsome attitude problem between them as both are not seen together in the whole ad while they appear seperately. I suspect itsstrongly from Dhoni's side [Just suspecting. Fans of Dhoni, please calm down].

Though Dhoni has earned more from cricket when compared to Sachin, he should have atleast respected Sachin for his experience, atleast in the ad. Afterall, Sachin appeared much before in Boost ad. Never have I seen him together with any of the senior players in any of the ads.

May be its the other way also, but I cant find any such things right now. If you could, please comment. Its not that I'm a Sachin Fan. I can't find one right now.

I dont know the creative director of this ad but it fails to bring up the team spirit of Cricket India. [Though senior players are becoming more dummy these days]. I cant find the video in youtube right now.

Do you feel the same?

Get Well Soon Mridula

One of India's top travel bloggers and a contributor at this blog, Ms Mridula Dwivedi seems to be down with fever for nearly a week now.

Here's wishing her a very very speedy recovery.

Dominos says we're cool with it

W.r.t the previous post where I felt Motorola Ad looks like a copy of Domino's Ad, I had an email interaction with a senior  Domino's executive, who felt that though both ads are based on same element, the message is different, hence there is no reason to think of an IP violation.

Srinidhi - I saw the motorola ad. friankly i dont think its a copy of the Domino's ad. I think the instrument of using the kid from iside is the same. But in case of Motorola the message is more of "brings out the other side of your personality due to its features" while in domino's the message is "its so tasty that it makes you behave like kids do, or brings out the kid in you". So while the executions have a common element, what they are trying to communicate are different things really.
Dev Amritesh
Sr VP - Marketing
Domino's Pizza India Ltd.

This update is for the benefit of readers.

Did Motorola copy Domino's ad concept?

During December 2007, Domino’s Pizza released “Andar ka bachcha baahar aa jaaye ad” featuring Arshad Warsi. The idea was something like this- seeing the pizza a senior executive (Arshad Warsi) forgets his official status and joyfully starts enjoying the pizza, much to the surprise of his subordinates.

Sometime in May 2008, Motorola launched a similar ad, wherein Abhishek Bachchan is tempted to dance to the tune of a popular tamil number, “Appadi Podu..” AB fails to control himself onstage and goes to restroom where his inner self comes out and dances to its heart’s contempt.

Both ads appear well crafted and are fun to watch.

Conceptually, both ads look similar to me. In fact, it looks as if Motorola copied the idea from Domino’s.

What is your take?

I think ideas can't be patented. Don’t we have a law where the creative ideas can be protected from duplication? Just wondering...

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Another HDFC Ad- Tulika Sharma

A few days back I had talked about (rather linked to) the Old HDFC ad Na Sir Jukha Hai Kabhi ... and I rather liked the parody more than the ad.

This is their new one and I must say I like it much better maybe because it goes well with the Indian sense of family that the kids will take care of their parents in whatever way possible (remember your parents paid your college fee without ever even you taking a notice or they making an issue out of it. If you went to a government college it could have been low but they in all probability paid for the private education too, they loaned you money for studying abroad?)

And it is a huge bonus that the father is taking money from her daughter in the Ad, looks like a single child family too (yes I know of families where the only child is a daughter and single child by choice)!

I mean all the right messages (apart from big car polluting more?) within the subject matter of the Ad (i.e. not taking too big a cause than the product/company). My only peeve is the portrayal of the mother, the images are of a modern father, hip/cute/responsible daughter but such a traditional mother, coming into the picture only at the last moment! I mean so many women from my mother's generation have also worked. But then this is a minor peeve.

Oh! And at the end of the ad my nephew (who knows I like this Ad) always tells me, car badi nahin kaharb ho gaye hai! (the car has not become big, it is out of order).

Samsung next is what? commercial

Samsung India has hired Aamir Khan as brand ambassador for its mobile phones and running a series of ads titled “Next is what?”

My review is on the usage of this phrase “next is what?”

Any advertiser aims to create an atmosphere of “now or never” that is, no one likes to tell you-“don’t buy our product now, wait for few months-you can get better product at lesser price” Everyone wants you to go to the shop right away and buy, because according to the ads “this is the best it can get”

But the truth is, no one is planning to shut shop from tomorrow... Discounts and offers continue to be available if you can post pone your purchase decision. More so in case of depreciating assets like electronic goods and vehicles. A nokia phone priced at 25 k today will be costing some 17-18k six months down the line. If you can postpone your purchase by certain time, a significant amount can be saved, vis a vis the current price, despite the discounts that may be on offer.
Samsung Logo
Coming back to the topic, I interpret the “next is what” punch line like this - “Don’t buy Samsung mobile right now, hang on for some more time, we’ve something better coming up next”

Well, I like their honesty but from a business perspective, isn’t this punch line detrimental to the sales growth? Shouldn’t they be tempting consumers to buy now, that suggesting “guess what is next”?

Your thoughts please...

In case you have time, more interesting details behind this commercial are available here. Image from GSM world

Similar: Samsung advertises mere Rs 10 off on LCD TV

Rs 10 OFF-Lifetime Offer on Samsung TV!!! (an old print ad)

This post only shares a small observation made by the author. No offence is meant and no conclusions should be drawn about the product by reading this.

While reading newspaper on the Independence Day, I came across this ad (refer image) about Samsung Television in Times of India Hyderabad edition dated 15-Aug-2007, Page 5

I saw the field: "SPL price" which read: Rs.58990/- and then glanced above to see what the previous price was: MRP: Rs.59000/- What is the difference? Just 10 bucks. Was shocked to see the unbelievable amount of discount they were giving: INR 10 OFF on a product priced at Rs. 59000. (0.0169%) I truly couldn’t believe my eyes, as the ad claimed right in the beginning. For the sake of 60th Independence Day they could have given at least Rs 60 off, making it 0.1%

So don’t miss this lifetime opportunity…Go grad one, if you wish.

Note: That ad offers a free digicam which they claim is worth Rs 9990. But I evaluate 6 mega pixel, 3x optical zoom Samsung camera at around INR 5000, given that no accessories (Memory card, battery charger, pouch etc) are free.

Above said Rs 10 off is for 32 inch TV. For 40” TV it is Rs 5010 OFF. The ad is issued by NEXT, a chain of consumer electronics stores.

Updates: When I published this post in Mouthshut here, some readers have suggested that this is better than quoting an increased price and then showing reduced price...Others said this might be a printing mistake...

Originally posted at my main blog, cross posted here due to relevance.

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Old HDFC Ad- Na Sar Jhuka Hai kabhi

OK, this time I am giving you a link to Gawker's take at the 'A Goose Egg' on the old HDFC ad, Na Sar Jhuka Hai Kabhi ... (loosely translated- I will live with dignity ..., can't find the video on Youtube, if you can please leave us the link)-
A little boy is playing on the platform, probably the old guy's grandson. He falls down. The old guy is about to run and pick him up. His son frowns at his father, saying no. The old guy is chastised. Little boy stands up on his own. He maintains his dignity.

Everyone walks to the parking lot. Old guy is about to cross the street. A car comes careening by. The son is about to pull the old guy back in order to save him from being run over. His mother frowns at him. The son, chastised, lets his father walk on. The car runs over the old guy. He maintains his dignity.

The old guy is hurt and bleeding. He tries to get up. His wife puts forth her hand to help him off the road. His son frowns at her. She pulls back, chastised. The old guy falls back onto the road. The old guy maintains his dignity.

The rest of the post is also hilarious. It is quite old but would surely give you a laugh.

The Airtel Kids Playing Football at the Border Ad

I know, many people like this ad and I had a lively discussion about it at Indiamike too. I view it a little differently. I mean what has Airtel contributed to the Middle East peace process to appropriate the message as its own? As far as I know zilch! Gives Airtel a very goody goody image without contributing anything to the real issue. I do not like it when corporations appropriate a message to just to look good.

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Naukri.com Ad- Always Makes Me Smile

Hari Sadu Naukri.com Ad

Remember Hari Sadu? When the ad was aired in 2006 there was even a legal notice sent to the company that it was causing distress to an eleven year old by the name of Hari Bhanot. But naukri.com stuck to the ad and for one I am glad. Even now whenever it comes on the TV I ask the ads to be unmuted.

I know, I know the boss is a total caricature, real life bosses are usually more sophosticated! But with me it touches a cord, everytime. I do not about you, but I have worked at two places (previous jobs, not the current one) that made realize that the management construct toxic work enviornment can be a reality and not just an abstract construct.

As ad gurus say successful ads usually either play on fear (insecurities) or humor and I like the naukri.com approach that resorts to humor, rather than fear. I mean if you have worked at real bad places, this ad manages to bring a smile, probably every time you watch it. At least that is what it does for me :D

BSNL TV Commercial. Its too outdated.

BSNL and Preity Zinta have tied up to bring about many ads on TV. Most of them were not up to the mark but this one was something I was really annoyed with. The main theme of the ad is a marriage proposal for Preity, which she refuses, as the boy's house didn't have a BSNL connection(that too a land line)!!!

Here is the video:

The ad has many things which cant be easily digested:
1. She refuses the boy on the basis that he doesn't have a land line (Most foolish). This is the age of wireless communication. You expect everyone to have a mobile rather than a land line. there are also other service providers like Airtel, Tata Indicom. What is so important in a land line that you reject a boy? I don't understand that. The ad would have been better if it was related to BSNL mobile connection or broadband.

2 . Preity's father(in the ad) asks the boy's parents: आपके घर का नम्बर दीजिये । These days your house number when asked in Hindi refers to your phone number, not your real house number.

A more sensible reply would be: 'No phone."

My final verdict: The ad is too outdated. No one refuses a proposal these days on the basis of land line connections, maybe mobile connections would add a little bit of sense as we cant expect pure logic in ads. Preity try to think before you act these ads.

Please Comment.


Is this patriotism enough?

This ad was made to imbibe a feeling of patriotism in Indians.
The creates a wonderful picture of a busy Indian city in the evening. (People eating panipuri at roadside stalls, shoe polishing children etc.) A old man tunes the radio and the national anthem plays. The old man even though crippled stands to show his respect. Some children also follow his action. Finally you have Amitabh Bachchan preaching about patriotism.
This ad even won an award.

Everything said and done, the question that arises is "Why did Amitabh speak in English?" He should have used Hindi as it is our national language.
Secondly, is this ad enough to inject the feeling of patriotism?
Also I havent seen this ad many times on TV. How can the ad's messege be conveyed without publicising it? How many people would actually consider it?
If ads could really induce feelings then they should be made better. This ad is for Indians, so it has to be in Hindi. Frankly speaking most of them wouldn't even stand when watching this video. Even I didn't for the first time.

My final verdict: India is picturised very well in the ad but it is not enough for increasing your patriotism.

Please do comment.
Thanks & Regards

(Re)Making of An Ad

Finally Vodafone has come back to the Hutch theme again but with minor changes. Yes, I am talking of the latest ad from Vodafone which is on the similar lines of Hutch ad before Vodafone took over. Pug(Hutch dog) along with a boy made the Hutch brand popular, though their network is not like what they claim(wherver you go our network follows, former hutch punch line). With Vodafone, it is no different. Frequent network busy messages whenever you try a call is common with Vodafone too. But the disappointing aspect of the brand Vodafone was to dump the pug, which apparently had made the price of pugs raise in India when Hutch used it for its ad. With crazy cartoons replacing the Hutch pug, Vodafone brand was going nowhere. Now they are back with new ad - the same pug but this time with a girl with pug following the girl wherever she goes.
And the theme song is changed to 'Everyday I want to fly', which is soothing too like the former. You might remember the old Hutch song 'You and I, in this beautiful world'. All in all, this new ad is one of greatest, but only if Vodafone's network was as good as their ads!

What’s your favorite corporate theme video?

It is always interesting to watch Corporate theme videos. These are special videos produced with utmost care to represent the company as a whole in front of its stake holders (customers, investors, employees etc) . The difference between these videos and a typical regular commercial is that corporate videos do not focus on a specific product/service of the company and won’t have a direct sales pitch (like-there’s a great discount on this product, buy it now). Instead the video focuses on highlighting the values the company stands for, its heritage, uniqueness etc and aims to generate an overall positive impression among the viewers about the company.

Most of the commercials companies release while launching their IPO falls into this category. Other companies who have produced theme videos may not aggressively advertise it in public media but will use it in front of select audience (say clients).

My most favorite theme video is of Manipal University, followed by that of TCS (Experience Certainty)

Watch these videos below.
Manipal University



I also liked Reliance Power’s Powen ON, India ON theme video very much.
Reliance Power

Compared to a regular commercial, theme videos are challenging to create. To be able to convey a strong positive message about the company in an indirect way, using a visually appealing video and audio, without using any cheap tricks that could be used in an ordinary commercial (animations, false representations, excessive text, celebrity endorsements etc) is a bit tough. A TV commercial can be easily recalled or replaced, but a corporate theme video cannot be changed overnight, unless there’s a strong reason.

Are there any theme videos you like a lot? Does your company has a theme video (available in public domain)? Share it with us.

Guidelines for Writing posts at Ad Critics Blog

Selecting the ad for review:
  • You can select any ad in print, TV or internet media, but kindly adhere with following:
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Guidelines for Selecting Labels:
Labels are supposed to help readers sort among the posts and categorize them easily. So we need to categorize our posts into a set of broad categories making it easier for readers to sort.

I propose following labeling strategy: AuthorName, Industry to which the ad being reviewed falls under, your verdict on the ad

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Other guidelines:
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Any other thoughts/tips? Feel free to share.

IPL Indian cricket league, Cricket ka Karmyudh??

There are unusual developments going on in the world of cricket including the formation of leagues. ICL and IPL being the prominent ones. Businessmen are making use of these leagues to mint money in the cricket fanatic nations primarily, India.

I'm not against cricket but somewhere I feel its gaining more prominence than it should.
People take things too personal. They perform yajnas before the match and if we lose one, things go in a wide spectrum, from literally weeping to burning effigies of cricketers for poor performances.

This post is criticizing the ad which is linked here.

People who are interested only in minting money on cricket have found a new way after booking. Invest your money in such leagues and get the most of it later. This ad is one of the foolish ad i've ever seen. They depict matches like war. They say its not a war between nations, its not for religion but its a war of duty. (Na Desiyudh, Nahi dharmayudh, yeh hai dharthi par karmayudh) What crap??

People respond to this in even more stupid way. This is supposed to promote the IPL cricket league but I find nothing in the ads regarding IPL.

Do you think that this is a good ad? Your valuable comments are awaited.

What is one thing behind that a marketer can hide whole universe?

What is one thing behind that a marketer can hide whole universe?




Travel Cost


Daily Breakfast/Dinner


Visa processing help




*mentioned charges are just exchange fee, you need to deposit your actual week (forfeit your local one week accommodation) in order to avail abroad holiday.

!!! We are providing you peanut shell you have to bring your own nut. !!!

Answer hint : rats a <- read from this side

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Tata Indicom Plug 2 Surf-Time to replace this ad

You’ve seen the Tata Indicom Plug2 Surf TV commercial-A model/actress hopeful girl gets a call from her agent who says “I’ve talked with Karan, send your photo immediately ”… This girl has a laptop but helpless as she has no internet connection. Kajol, sitting in next table, offers a USB Modem and asks the girl to send photo using it.

Nothing wrong in the ad as such (Though it doesn’t mention that Plug2Surf is not exactly plug n play- you need to install driver software through a CD and reboot the  system before you can start using it)

Coming to my actual point, I feel it is right time to replace this ad with something else. Ask me why…

When I see this ad time and again, I get the following feeling: “Something is wrong somewhere- since past few years she hasn’t got a break. Every time the agent calls and asks her to send photo, every time Kajol will be in next table to help her with USB Modem, every time she’s sending the photo, but she hasn’t got a break yet- May be the agent is not forwarding her photo to Karan, or there’s something seriously wrong with her laptop or internet connection-every time it shows a flash animation “Photo Sent” but I think the photo is never reaching the agent (else she should have changed the agent by now or find herself some other job, instead of relying on an agent who doesn’t even carry a photo of his clients to show it to directors”

Since years the girl hasn’t cared to buy a Tata Indicom connection of her own and is depending on Kajol to supply her with a USB model every time. I guess she hasn’t taken one because the free one Kajal gave couldn’t actually send a photo to her agent so she doesn’t really trust that device.

Just my thoughts.

Giving Re-birth to Ad Critics Blog

I am trying to give a re birth to this blog, now hosted on a all new custom domain, enidhi.com. For several months this blog was quite dormant, now with new domain name, I’ve got some motivation to start it again. The concept provides huge potential but I alone can’t afford to review thousands of ads and am looking for likeminded people who may wish to contribute.

The idea behind Ad Critics blog was this:

We do a lot of movie reviews and critics. Why not for advertisements?

Some ads are extremely creative and needs appreciation,
Some ads spread false message to the society,
Some ads do not speak truth and do not mean what they say,
Some ads have no logic and sense in them, and fail in their objective
Some ads are just a fun to watch/see
Some are misleading and have bad intentions/hidden agenda...

In this blog we'll take-up one ad each time and analyze them w.r.t. above parameters. Let others pool in their thoughts and we can spread the message/create awareness.

Advertisements are indispensable part of television or newspaper. newspapers and channels survive because of ads. It’s a billion dollar industry and any advertisement generally involves lot of marketing strategies, creativeness and obviously money. Analyzing them is a very interesting activities.

Looking for contributors

I myself can write one post per week. I am looking for contributors who can review at least one ad every month. If you like the above idea and wish to join hands with me, please let me know. I'll send an invite for you to join the blog and you too can post writings analyzing any ad you feel like.