Hutch Microsoft Eskimo commercial

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Ad critics have been quite inactive for sometime. and sorry for that...

Of late we have been seeing an extremely creative ad being aired by Microsoft-Hutch combine.

Hutch has launched its search service in association with Microsoft’s Windows Live recently and an unusual ad has been prepared to grab attention towards this service .

Till the last moment of the commercial you do not realize what this ad is all about.

The ad goes like this: A bunch of eskimo people enter the city, they travel all the way from their habitat and reach to a person’s home, who has just searched on his hutch mobile about eskimos.

In other words, you search for eskimos and live eskimos will come to your home. Nice concept if it really works this way in reality. (If I search for Aishwarya Rai she’ll come to alive infront of me? If I search for one billion dollar, will that much cash appear infront of me? nice concept, though not practical. (But in most of the ads we are not supposed to look for logic, so no complaints from my side as such)

Further, if I search for information on eskimos I just need some text info about them, if so many eskimos come to my house where will I accomodate them? What do I feed them? in what language do I talk to them? I didn’t ask for that...Practically it takes days for eskimos to come all the way to my home, I cant keep waiting that long after doing a search...

I personally appreciate the creativity behind the ad. This review is only intended to serve you with some humor and provide a practical look up of this ad. No offence is meant.
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