Volvo-I steer

Adding to what Raveesh has said, Volvo is another brand which's become a product itself.
I felt I've more to write on this hence wrote a separate post instead of commenting to what raveesh had written.

Volvo Buses-Another classic example of brand becoming product.

Volvo buses has redefined luxury. Priced at above Rs 60 lakh, alomst twice the nearest competetion, the Vovlo coaches have become a favourite among travellers, though the fare is two times other coaches. The patented body of Volvo, the low centre of gravity which results in greater stability, the 7 litre rear engine (push is easier than pull), the smooth suspension, huge luggage space (can accomodate bikes as well). to name a few.

Vovlo is the only Bus/Truck manufacturer in India to focus extensively on driver's comfort. Power streering, ergonomic seats, 6+2 transmission, tiltable steering console (all these were heard of only in premium cars earlier) have ensured that a driver can comfortably drive long hours without frequest breaks. Volvo trains 2-3 drivers per vehicle (at their assembly unit at Hoskote, some 60 kms off Bangalore) on the vehicle as well as passenger delightment.

This deadly combination of power, luxury and comfort has given a huge lead for Sweden based volvo group. Though these buses are purchased by travel companies like KSRTC,APSRTC and other private operators, everyone calls them Volvo buses and not by the brand name given to them by the owning corporation (Say Iravata by KSRTC or Garuda by APSRTC) or the corporation itself. This popularity was never there for other bus manufactures-say TATA and Ashok Leyland.

Additional Facts:
1. Volvo is launching luxury cars in India-We've to see what success it enjoys, compared to its 6 wheeled counterpart.
2. KSRTC owns maximum number of volvo coaches in the country.
3. Much to the credit of Volvo, volvo passengers are prime targets of low cost airlines, at par with first class train passengers.

You can refer my Industrial visit report to Volvo India at the following path, to know more on Volvo. This I'd prepared during engineering days.