Toyota Innova ad-Many Roles One Car

Many Roles, One Car…

Review on: Toyota Innova Ad
Channel: All leading channels
Media Type: Television
Product segment: Automobile

Ad description: Toyota has commissioned actor Aamir Khan as its brand ambassador and the ad on Innova portrays Aamir playing various roles in his daily life-of a business man, a reliable father, son, etc. For all these roles he uses only one car, the Toyota Innova.

So the ad says Many Roles, One Car.

Now, though the concept of “Many Role, One Car” looks interesting, I feel it is not making the product unique. In other words, it doesn’t address the prime concern of the consumer: “Why I should buy this product?” What ever Aamir khan did in the ad-taking family to temple or meeting the clients or other activities, can be done using any other four wheeler. As a matter of fact, every one who owns only one car uses his car for all purposes. Only those who are rich enough keep multiple cars for different occasions.

To comment on the product, I seriously doubt if we can call Innova a car. It looks more like a passenger vehicle used to carry 10-25 people. Most of the innova sold today are registered as Cab or taxi. Only those individuals with large families would prefer it as a family vehicle. It houses a 2.5 liter engine and priced at par (or above ) with SUVs like Tata Safari (around 7 Lakh). For small families, and for those who prefer speed/mileage instead of space, Innova is clearly not an option as a personal vehicle.

Every individual does hundreds of roles every day, and most of them generally use only one car which need not be Innova. So the statement, “many roles, one car” in my opinion does nothing to promote the car, except that it shows the vehicle well and tells you “You may also use Innova for these roles”.

On the other hand, had the ad focused on the product and tell what all it can do, it would have been more effective. If the ad tries to convey that Innova can be used to carry several people, its fast and powerful enough, it is spacious, it can be used as an all in one vehicle, it would have created a better impact.

Never the less, because of the ad or otherwise, the product has been quite successful in the market and has recorded good sales. So we can’t term the ad or product as a failure and my opinion is from logical point of view. Let me know what you think of it.

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