Surf Excel Ad! Daag Achcha Hai!

Hi all! I'm into publishing my critics on ads from today!

Ad - Surf Excel's ad (casting two cute siblings)
Media - Television
Channel - All Indian Channels.
Segment - Laundry

Though its a relatively old ad, i need to share my thoughts with it(something peculiar). I dont think that there are people who haven't seen this ad. I'll brief you about it anyway.

As i've specified, the siblings(brother n sister, brother is older) are returning from school. She is singing a rhyme taught n she is so involved in singing that she accidentally falls into a pothole(thanks to Indian Roads). Fortunately it had rained n you know what potholes contain. Her dress gets dirty. She starts screaming n her brother gets furious n gets ready to hit the pothole black n blue asking it to say sorry to her. He just continues untill he gets tired n then says that it said sorry. ( At last it asked sorry! It has realised its mistake n hence it is good! (Daag Achcha Hai).

I was fascinated to see such an ad for the first time say 6-8 moths ago. I wouldn't have written about it here if only this was the case. There is more.

Six months before i was travelling by bus n by chance there were some advertising people in the same bus. They were from a famous ad agency and they were discussing about how ads click. I just dont remember what they discussed that day! I'll just share here what they said about this ad.

They discussed that ads progress. They progress with the company. As the company grows, the ads they develop grows. They took the example of Surf. Surf were initially having surf as their detergent. Then, they came up with a new product, the introduction was good! They were giving a product with the label covered for trial purpose. this was effectively advertised in all channels as well as in newspapers. Nobody knew who was the advertising this.

After a month or so, they revealed a new product "Surf Excel". It clicked the way it was introduced. Then there were many ads of it! some innovative! Initially there were advertises that used to just say that, your clothes are dirty?? dont worry surf excel hai na??

It evolved from that stage and today it is saying daag achcha hai! You can notice in the shift with which they pose the problem. Initially they came with something like "Dont worry for stains, what is surf excel for?" From then it changed to a state "Stains are not bad, they are good".

Creativity is what clicks an ad. These people make such things. Dunno how they get such ideas. This is an example of how a product can evolve!

Will come up some more things soon!


Anonymous said...

ad which attract people
the main focus of the ad is to get attention of the viewers first and this ad fulfill this deman by the cute acting of the siblings

Anonymous said...


just registered and put on my todo list

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read.