Celebrity Endorsement-What do you think?

What is the importance you give to Brand Ambassadors?

Many popular companies hire famous personalities like film stars, cricketers etc as their brand ambassador, to promote their brand. These ambassadors charge crores of rupees to ask people to use a specific brand.

From a consumer perspective, what importance will you give to these super stars? In other words, do these super stars influence your buying decision? Share your thoughts on this.

Consider these facts:

1. Many stars who preach, do not practice.
Though they ask others to use a brand, they themselves may not use the same in their personal life. For example,
Does preeti zinta use a scooty pep to travel between home and shooting location?
Or is Sachin Tendulkar using TVS victor or Fiat Sienna for his daily travel? (When he has a ferrari)

2. The royalty paid to these ambassadors is recollected directly from consumer.
So you unnecessarily pay more to such products, only to make likes of Sachin Tendulkar richer

From the other angle:
From the eye of a super star, it’s his opportunity to make money. Just like a software engineer who jumps from company to company for better pay, every cricketer or film star starts accepting offers from companies as and when he starts getting famous. Who ever pays more, these stars will ask people to use their products. While these people’s right to make some legal money can’t be questioned, I don’t see any reason why we should believe what ever they say.

Associating a brand with a super star ensures good coverage to both. The brand stays in consumers’ memory for longer time and fans of that superstar give more preference to the brand promoted by their hero than another one. This way sales get increased.

So its good as long as consumers use their judgment to select a product based on its quality than because some star is asking public to buy.

Special mention

I wish to give a special mention here to those brands who have been hugely successful without keeping any brand ambassadors:

Bajaj Auto: Except a recent ad showing Jackie Chan, All of Bajaj ads have been using ordinary humans and models. Still the brand has succeeded very well, mainly because of strong and reliable product line.

Hutch has also been successful without any major celebrity backing using creative advertisements and competitive pricing.

There are many more but my mind is not running fast enough to recollect them. Also special mention to P Gopichand, who turned down a big sum of money from a cola giant

Also if you’ve noticed, celebrity endorsement is commissioned only in B2C (Business to Consumer) market and not in B2B (Business To Business) market. This is simply because individual consumers may be convinced to buy something endorsed by a star but a businessman will have his own evaluation criteria and will never take his decision seeing the celebrities.

Any thoughts to share on this?


Raveesh Kumar said...

Hi Nidhi,

Though initially Hutch did not have any celebrity to endorse their product, now they have roped in Rahul Dravid to do it for them. In a cricket crazy country, it would benefit a lot