Reliance Communication Ad Campaign

Shrinidhi's criticism about Reliance Communication's latest ad campaign is simple and straight forward. Are the features talked about in the ad is exclusive to Reliance's product/service? Is it the USP of their offering?
If you really look at most of the ad campaigns particularly for first generation products, most of the times the information content would be generic in nature. That is, they can be applicable to most of the products of that class. The difference is only in terms of how the whole information is pacakaged and communicated in an attractive and inspiring manner. I also feel in such cases, it is good for the customers/potential customers because it provides basic features of the product as a group. To that extent the campaign works to the benefit of the overall market.
Then, if that is the case what is the relevance of Shrinidhi's criticism, one may ask. Personally, I think in such ad campaigns what we must look at is:Do they overpromise? Is the ad promises something that is not there? Because, in most such cases,the customer does not have prior experience with the product. So there is a tendency-particularly in respect to price-on the part of advertisers to two things: one,inflate the value of features and two,deflate the real cost of acquisition and usage.
Congrats for picking an ad which is worth reviewing.