Reliance Communication-बस बटन दबाए

Reliance world Mobile: Bas Button Dabaao

Target Ad: Reliance Communications
Sector: Telecom

Reliance Communications, now spearheaded by Anil Ambani, has of late running a series of ads which describes what all can be done in reliance phone by just pressing a button.

1. I pressed the button and cleared the exam ( मैने बटन दबाया और एग्साम पास की। )

2. To see cricket score just press a button ( क्रिकेट स्कॊर दॆख्ना हॊ तो बस बटन दबाओ। )

3. I pressed a button so I’m going to meet the stars ( मैने बटन दबाया और सितारॊ हे मिलनॆ जा र हा हु । )

Its accepted that so many things can be done using a reliance mobile, but I find a logical gap in the above ad.

What are they trying to prove? One button has so many functionalities? If yes how?

How can a single button perform multiple functions?

It should be one out of following possibilities:
1.You’ve to press the same button many times to navigate through the menu
2.The phone should have different button for different actions
3.You’ve to use a combination of multiple buttons or keys.
4. Single button should return all details-cricket score, exam result everything
That said, what’s the logic behind “just press the button and get things done”? Eventually you’ll definitely end up pressing the key more than one time.

What’s so unique about reliance mobile the ad is trying to highlight? Aren’t these value added services available with other mobile service providers? Or with a Hutch or Airtel mobile does it take hundreds of key presses to see cricket score?

The ad scores well in terms of creativity. The idea is innovative enough. But in my opinion doesn’t find a logical backing.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Anyone owning that reliance phone please contribute and tell us more on that “one button does it all” concept…

What is this blog and Why ?

The purpose of launching this blog is to analyse media advertisements and scrutinize them.

We do a lot of movie reviews and critics. Why not for advertisements?

Some ads are extremely creative and needs appreciation,
Some ads spread false message to the society,
Some ads do not speak truth and do not mean what they say,
Some ads have no logic and sense in them, and fail in their objective
Some ads are just a fun to watch/see
Some are misleading and have bad intentions/hidden agenda...

In this blog we'll takeup one ad each time and analyse them w.r.t. above parameters. Let others pool in their thoughts and we can spread the message/create awareness.

Advertisements are indispensable part of television or newspaper. newspapers and channels survive because of ads. Its a billion dollar industry and any advertisement generally involves lot of marketing strategies, creativeness and obviously money. Analyzing them is a very interesting activities.

If you like the above idea and wish to join hands with me, please let me know. I'll send an invite for you to join the blog and you too can post writings analyzing any ad you feel like.

This is my latest venture and let me see how it goes...I'm yet to comeout with first ad to analyse...