Mountain Dew ad- Dar ke aage, jeet hain!

I liked this Mountain Dew Ad- Dar ke aage, jeet hai!

We all fell down while trying to ride, but got up and learnt from our mistakes. The ad is as inspirational, as it is promotional of Mountain Dew

Volvo Ad

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The below ad for Volvo trucks has been an instant hit on youtube. It intends to show the stability of Volvo trucks. But half the credit should also go to the roads, which are consistently smooth to enable this kind of stability.

Lots of parody of this video are going around in youtube. You might wish to have a look at them.

Cinthol-Alive is awesome

Cinthol's new ad campaign- alive is awesome.. Well picturarized at exotic locations...

Cinthol is also running a blogger campaign as well to complement the new range of Cinthol product.

What are your thoughts?

Vivel soap used by 80% Indian women?

A TVC by ITC's vivel soap claims not 20, not 50 but about 80% Indian women use Vivel soap. Can this be true? All other soaps have only 20% share?

What are the source for such claims? Who is recording which lady is using which soap and come up with these numbers?

New Mahindra Scorpio TVC

New Mahindra Scorpio ad is nice. But do you think Scorpio is really powerful enough to drag a car uphill with such a speed? It can pull others cars on a straight line for sure, but I feel the way shown in the TVC is a bit exaggerated. May be the other car was lightened by removing lots of parts. Your thoughts please.

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No Marks appoints Kiran Bedi as brand ambassador

Noted IPS officer Kiran Bedi has been signed up by No Marks to endorse the brand. (Details)

What do you feel?
Will endorsing a beauty product mean a slight compromise on credibility? (If the No Marks cream fails to give promised results will you feel bad "Why did Kiran recommend this?") Or is it good that people other than film stars and cricketers are also getting into advertising BandWagon?

A honest Ad by The IT Depot

Received an unsolicited email from the IT Depot ( which sales several computer hardware and related goods. I was about to delete this mail, but noticed a strange pattern...

All items had an offer price above the regular price and You save section promptly showed negative number.
(click to enlarge)
As you can see in the image above, Apple iPod nano Black 8GB is priced at Rs 8990 but The IT Depot Office Price is Rs 9280, which is Rs 290 more than the regular price. Same for every other item... And the mail dares you with a button- BUY NOW... Why will I?

May be they are honest in admitting their pricing strategy... or may be their employee carelessly interchanged regular and offer prices... Either way, words spoken (mail sent) and pearl broken are lost forever...

March 19th update: I'd sent a mail to them asking why offer prices are more than regular price. No one has cared to respond so far.

Pepsi commercial with kids mask sachin and Prahlad kakkar

Noted Ad Maker Prahlad Kakkar was in Manipal last month to give a talk on Advertising, at Manipal Institute of Communication’s annual communication Festival, article19.

Prahlad focused his talk on explaining the difference between an idea and an insight, while conceptualizing an advertisement campaign. He gave examples of Liril Soap, Maggy Tomato ketchup and many more. In this post I’m sharing few behind the scene information Prahlad Kakkar shared with the audience about an old Pepsi commercial showcasing street kids with a mask, which he directed.
  • Since street kids do not have the affordability to buy a Pepsi, he was under pressure to use professional child artists or rich kids. But Prahlad insisted that the insight is not to promote Pepsi, but promote the aspirations (Yeh Dil Mange More!)
  • The kids never knew that Sachin Tendulkar will be there in the ad. They came to know about it only when they found him behind the mask. Hence the expression of surprise on their face was natural. “I told cameraman- you HAVE to get this shot right, because we can never have a retake of this, as element of surprise will be lost”- Prahlad recalls.
  • The song used in the ad (Chodke bandhan, todke taalE…), and the video individually weren’t that great. But their combination made it deadly. That is how you make 2+2 as 22- Explained Prahlad Kakkar.
Prahlad also shared some more info about brand Pepsi- how it reached number one position in India while worldover Coca Cola was leading with over 60% market share and how recent Pepsi ads (Yeh Youngistan…) are failing to provoke interest. (he says telling young people that you’re Young is like telling the obvious and has nothing inspiring in it)

Overall it was a very good session. Also Read: Sandhya Ravishankar's workshop on Broadcast Journalism